Carmina Leather Tote Bag

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Large, luxurious, beautifully detailed leather tote bag.

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Luxury, beautifully crafted leather tote bag with striking contrast handle, tooled leather and hand stitched detailing.

A generously sized carry-all which is the perfect busy woman’s workhorse. Easily holds essential items (wallet, phone, cosmetics etc), plus a laptop & notebook and there’s still  room for more – whether it’s exercise clothes, extra shoes or a jumper.

Made to last for years and years, in hardwearing vegetable-tanned leather .

42cmW x 33cmH. Fully leather lined.

Two large zip-close internal pockets.

Slot for phone, 2 other pouches for easy-to-find organisation of keys, wallet etc.

Hidden magnetic closure at top.

Construction details:

La Marca bags are ethically made by a small family-run artisanal business in Mexico.

The range is  ‘artisanal luxury’, a term which reflects the time, skill, amount of hand-crafting required as well as the culture and heritage involved.

Leather tooling is a traditional Mexican craft regaining prominence in Mexico and around the world, aided by the shift away from mass-production and resource wastage. Consumers want to know how their items are made and there is a new appreciation for artisanal hand crafting and skill.

Mexico is a land of colour – and La Marca bags reflect this in a palette of colours than runs from black and neutrals through to vibrant jewel colours. Usually colour is created using natural dyes which are vegetable, berry and bark-based and applied by hand to the leather. Some water-based paints may be used in producing particular finishes.

The leather is cow leather which has been tanned in small batches. La Marca’s makers  teamed with a small artisanal producer who uses vegetable-tanning to process his leather. This environmentally friendly process  does not involve harsh chemicals, but is labour and time intensive. Leather is processed through a series of washes using different combinations and strengths of vegetable tannins then sun/air dried. Vegetable-tanning is the ‘original’ leather tanning process and dates back hundreds  of years. It was overtaken by large-scale factory methods which were faster and cheaper but involved harsh chemicals.

Vegetable-tanned leather is initially stiffer to the touch, but ages beautifully over the years, gradually softening and moulding to everyday use and gaining that lovely patina eventually seen in vintage tooled leather bags.