Baila Women’s Leather Handbag


Add a flourish to everyday with over-sized tassels and elaborate detailing – and carry your laptop.

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A handbag with a distinctly Spanish/Mexican flair, Baila features exceptional handcrafted details including tooled leather exterior, hand stitched edges and cut out detailing on handles.

Practical –  large enough for a laptop, zip closing at the top and  with five large internal pockets for all of the everyday essentials.

Super hardwearing in best quality vegetable-tanned leather, available in five colour options.

Details: Size 32cm W, 33cmH.

Manufacture: Artisanally handcrafted in Mexico in vegetable-tanned leather,  utilising traditional leather tooling, hand stitching, natural dye and tanning techniques. Fully leather lined, with five generous internal pockets ( two with zip closures) and zipper at top.

La Marca handbags are handcrafted in Mexico, by a family-run business.

Leather tooling is a traditional Mexican craft regaining prominence in Mexico and around the world, aided by the shift away from mass-production and resource wastage, as consumers look to how their garments and accessories are produced.  Termed ‘artisanal luxury’, it describes the the time, skill and level of hand-crafting involved in each item and the culture and heritage behind the craft.

La Marca’s  makers are working hard  to keep alive Mexican traditional skills of leather tooling, hand stitching and creating colour using natural dyes which come from vegetable, berry and bark-based pigments and are applied by hand to the leather.

The leather is cow leather which is artisanally-processed, vegetable-tanned leather. La Marca’s makers teamed with a small leather producer who uses this environmentally friendly process which does not involve harsh chemicals. It takes far longer and is much more labour intensive than large-scale industrial processes.

Vegetable tanned leather is more hardwearing. While initially stiffer to the touch, it gradually softens and builds a “worn” patina, aging beautifully over the years.