Mini Mia Boho Sand


Mid-sized version of Boho Mia. Handcrafted bohemian vintage-style shoulder bag with fully adjustable strap for shoulder or cross-body wear.

Features: Hand-tooled leather, rustic contrast whip and cross stitching detail. Contrast adjustable strap with vintage style buckle and pins. Wooden toggle closure.

Details: Size 31cmW, 27 cmH. Made from vegetable-tanned cow leather. Manufactured in Mexico, utilising traditional techniques of leather tooling, hand stitching, vegetable dye and tanning methods.

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Handcrafted bohemian Mini Mia looks like an amazing 60s-70s era vintage find. Evoking a casual, carefree & earthy spirit of another time, this mid-sized tooled leather shoulder bag is the perfect match for current modest floral and prairie fashions, or adds a bit of old-school rock’n’roll festival  cool to denim.

Vegetable-tanned leather is an environmentally friendly process that does not use harsh chemicals. Leather is tanned through a series of washes using different strengths and combinations of vegetable tannins. Leather tanned with this method is initially stiffer to the touch, but wears better over time into a beautiful aging leather patina.

Tooling is a traditional Mexican craft typically passed down within families and traces back to a masculine heritage of horsemanship and elaborately detailed saddles, belts and boots. Patterns (almost always of flowers) are carved into leather by hand by craftsmen using chisels. Much of the detail is tooled ‘free-hand’ requiring great skill, which takes many years to acquire.

Dyes are usually natural vegetable, berry and bark-based pigments which are applied by hand to the leather. Stitching detail is also done by hand, and is another traditional craft being revived as artisanal methods regain prominence in Mexico and around the world.
Due to the high-level of hand crafting involved there may be small variations between items received and items pictured.