The La Marca Story

Made in a socially responsible, environmentally-respectful way, La Marca handbags use traditional techniques to create modern pieces that are bold and beautiful – and will last.

We partnered with a family-owned Mexican business employing about 100 local men and women to create La Marca handbags. They are proud to be keeping alive traditional leather-making skills and providing training and employment.

Mexico is one of the world’s largest suppliers of leather and hand tooling is a specialist craft that is handed down within families.



Alejandro Yeo started working with leather more than 20 years ago, first studying pattern making and sewing, then working with established pattern cutters.

Skilled-craftsman-turned-designer, he grew up in a family that made saddles, boots and leather accessories for “charreria” (horsemanship competitions) and was always fascinated by “older techniques that have been lost over time like working with a chisel and sewing pieces by hand”.

Requiring deft hand skills and an eye for detail, a rustic quality is added by hand stitching the seams of many of the designs with strips of leather.

Much of the stitching is done by workers in their own homes, rather than at the company’s workshop. This means the company can support workers, usually mothers, who otherwise cannot earn an income and look after their children. Although it requires extra effort, the company believes this flexible approach to their workforce is part of being a socially responsible member of the community.

Hand Stitching Yellow Leather

Every La Marca handbag is part ‘old’ and part ‘new’ – traditional methods combined with modern design.

 They are: Bold. Unique. Timeless. Different.